Advantages of the Bidmio App

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In today’s digital age, upgrading your business processes is not just an option; it’s a necessity. With Bidmio’s Order Management platform, you gain an all-in-one solution for navigating your business effortlessly from start to finish.

“Initiate new projects, coordinate workflows, track working
hours and material usage, implement quality control, and manage billing.”

We guarantee that nothing will fall by the wayside, making your daily operations smoother, quicker, and significantly more effective than before.
Bidmio’s platform has already simplified administrative tasks and elevated business performance for many craftsmen and accounting professionals. Let us extend these advantages to you as well.

With Bidmio’s Order Management features, not only does administrative work become more manageable, but your business operations also become more optimized. The system is already benefitting craftsmen and their accountants by making their tasks simpler and more efficient.


Superior time management for your clients and elimination of any wastage, be it time or materials

Bidmio App centralizes all your essential business metrics and processes. This enables you to have a holistic view of your orders and financial status anytime, anywhere. Utilizing our unified platform, you can easily:

  • Obtain a quick snapshot of ongoing tasks and team members
  • Draft and transmit quotes, orders, and invoices
  • Log hours and track material consumption
  • Organize and schedule your service assignments

We Ensure No Time Is Wasted

 With our Order Management system, you can be confident that not a single hour or material will be overlooked when invoicing. Both you and your employees have the capability to log hours and register materials, leading to the following benefits:

  • Zero hours are lost
  • All materials are accurately recorded
  • Every expense is billed to the client
  • The customer gains a complete understanding of the work performed
  • Simplifies the day-to-day responsibilities of your accountant

We Document the Quality

Quality assurance forms can be easily filled out through the app and retrieved on your computer whenever you need to provide documentation about the materials used and the accuracy of the work completed. With the quality forms in our Order Management system, you can look forward to:

  • All documents being saved directly within the order, making it easy to find documentation for both current and past projects.
  • The ability to send photos and drawings directly to the client for increased transparency and communication.

3 Reasons to Use Bidmio for Digital Case Management:

Proper documentation benefits both the craftsman and the client, facilitating a quick and straightforward settlement for well-executed work. This ease of documentation extends to field operations, ensuring efficiency wherever you are.

  • More Time Billed: Thanks to our straightforward and easy-to-use time-tracking feature, more working hours get logged. Consequently, you’ll be able to bill for more hours, thereby increasing revenue.
  • Insight into Material Consumption: We offer a comprehensive overview of your material usage, ensuring all materials and products are included when invoicing the client. This transparency makes it simple for both the business owner and employees to keep track of material consumption in ongoing projects.
  • Streamlined Documentation: All relevant documentation is directly attached to the case, making it easy to locate when needed.

We Provide You With All the Essentials, Wherever You Are

Our app ensures you have a complete overview no matter your location. With the app at your fingertips, you’ll always have quick access to:

  • Calendar: Stay organized and manage your schedule effectively.
  • Order Overview and History: Keep track of current projects and revisit completed ones.
  • Time Overview and Logging: Monitor worked hours and register them instantly.
  • Material Registration: Document materials used to maintain inventory accuracy.
  • Photo Documentation: Capture and store visuals for quality assurance and client communication.
  • Quality Assurance Forms: Easily fill out and access quality checklists for projects.
  • Clients: Keep all customer information handy for quick reference.
  • Multi-Device Support: Use the app seamlessly on all your devices, whether iOS or Android.

With the Bidmio App you have the opportunity to earn more for the same piece of work.

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