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Craftsmen companies in 2024 using Bidmio for internal communication. This tool is tailored to address the unique needs of craftsmanship businesses, offering a suite of features to boost productivity and reduce employee turnover.
Bidmio app Chat & Audio/Video Call is here to connect your employees! Make it easy for them to collaborate and stay up to date, all from their favorite employee app.

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Chat & Audio/Video Call

Craftsmen Companies Embracing Bidmio for Enhanced Internal Communication in 2024

Craftsmen companies are now leveraging Bidmio, a specialized communication tool designed to meet the distinct needs of the craftsmanship industry. This innovative app aims to increase productivity and reduce employee turnover by facilitating easier and more efficient internal communication.

3 reasons to use Bidmio for Calls and Chat with your employees


Employee Chat Integration:

 Bidmio’s chat feature connects employees effortlessly, fostering collaboration and keeping everyone updated through a popular and user-friendly app. Discover a straightforward team chat interface that engages all company members, simplifying work conversations and enhancing day-to-day operations.


Bidmio Audio/Video Calls:

With Bidmio Audio/Video Call feature, you can make and receive audio and video calls, just like using a traditional phone. All you need is your smartphone. The long, monotonous chat sessions are not needed anymore, audio/video call helps your employees to solve problems quickly and efficiently. This improves resolution rate and saves time and effort.


Message Tracking:

Avoid missed messages and ensure effective communication with a read status feature for every message sent. Secure Knowledge Sharing. Bidmio provides a secure platform for sharing work-related documents, media, voice memos, and text, ensuring that information sharing is safe and controlled.

Voice and Video Calls to coordinate from anywhere

Bidmio’s innovative app brings a new level of efficiency to business communication, particularly for teams that are frequently on the move or working on complex projects. The app’s instant voice and video call capabilities are designed to foster better understanding and collaboration among employees.

Key Features of Instant Voice and Video Calls in Bidmio:

    • On-the-Go Meetings: Conduct meetings with your team regardless of location, ensuring continuous collaboration and project oversight.

    • Clear Conceptual Understanding: Voice and video calls enable a deeper and clearer understanding of project-related concepts, allowing for real-time discussion and clarification.

    • Improved Team Coordination: Facilitate better coordination among team members, especially for projects that require frequent updates and discussions.

    • Accessible Anywhere: Whether on-site or in transit, team members can connect effortlessly, ensuring no delay in communication.

    • Enhanced Productivity: Reduce the need for lengthy email threads and text messages, leading to quicker decision-making and more efficient project management.

    • Personalized Communication: Video calls add a personal touch to remote conversations, enhancing team bonding and understanding.

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