Offer management

With the Bidmio app, experience comprehensive oversight of all active and rejected proposals. Gain insights into accepted offers that have been transformed into cases. Manage your proposals efficiently with all relevant information readily accessible

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Offer management

Quicker than your clients can say ‘yes!’ – that’s how fast and effortlessly you can generate the perfect offer for every customer with just a few clicks.

Our offer configurator for constructions companies leads you step by step, gathering essential information to craft compelling proposals. With nice PDF template, your offers become seamlessly automated and standardized.

Sales professionals thrive with Bidmio. Packed with sophisticated tools and features, it enables record-speed sales operations. Stay ahead of the competition by delivering attractive offers to your customers faster. All this is centralized in a software with an intuitive and flexible user interface, streamlining your sales process for efficiency and impact.

3 reasons to use Bidmio quotation software manager


Easy Overview:

Bidmio provides a complete overview of all active and rejected proposals, including insights into accepted offers that are converted into cases.



Attach documentation to your proposals. Bidmio automatically transfers all documentation when a proposal is converted into a case.


Proposal Portal:

When you create a proposal, customers receive a link to our proposal portal. Here, they can view a detailed breakdown of your proposal, add comments, and approve it.

Create offers easily with the ways that fits your needs:

Our proposal management tool allows you to easily create and send proposals directly to customer emails.

Once accepted by your customer, effortlessly convert it into a case, with all information automatically transferred.


    • Streamlined Process from Start to Finish
    • Add budgets
    • Price agreements, and calculations
    • Easy conversion from proposal to case
    • Create a Proposal
    • Proposal Analysis
    • Track the status of your sent proposals
    • Overview of your ongoing, completed, and lost proposals.



Convince your customers today with top offers!

Discover our orders module and convince yourself of the comprehensive functions of our software.

As a seasoned sales expert, you understand the significance of presenting the right product at the perfect moment for a successful transaction. After all, the magic lies in the right mix.

This is where Bidmio shines. Its product module provides a robust foundation, enabling you to sidestep inappropriate offers among hundreds of items and effortlessly identify up-selling and cross-selling opportunities for maximized profits.

Bidmio goes beyond being just another cloud-based offer software. Its interactive cost and pricing tools, coupled with automated offer visualization, ensure that your proposals stand out, making them more professional and efficient than ever.

Elevate Your Quotation Management Bidmio transforms quotation management into a smooth and straightforward process. With a centralized database, your team gains access to all customer and sales-specific data, empowering you to craft innovative packages or captivate customers with attractive pricing.

Once a deal is struck, Bidmio simplifies progression. With just a click, transform proposals into order confirmations and invoices, streamlining the sales process from start to finish.


  • Faster and better completion rates
  • Error reduction in calculations and data entry
  • Higher productivity
  • Increase in sales
  • 70% time saving 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bidmio’s Offer Management

What is Bidmio and how does it enhance offer management?

Bidmio is an app and desktop platform designed to provide comprehensive oversight of all your business proposals, both active and rejected. It helps in managing proposals efficiently, offering insights into accepted offers that have been transformed into cases, and facilitating the creation and sending of offers directly to customers.

Can I start using Bidmio without providing credit card details?

Yes, Bidmio offers a 14-day free trial with no requirement for credit card details or binding commitments.

How does Bidmio's offer configurator aid in proposal creation?

Bidmio’s offer configurator, particularly suited for construction companies, guides users step-by-step in gathering essential information to create compelling proposals. It includes a feature for generating automated and standardized offers in nice PDF templates.

What are some key reasons to choose Bidmio's quotation software?

The three main reasons are:

  • Easy Overview: Complete overview of all proposals, active and rejected, including insights into accepted offers.
  • Documentation: Ability to attach and automatically transfer documentation when a proposal is converted into a case.
  • Proposal Portal: Provides a customer-accessible portal for proposal review, comments, and approval.

How does Bidmio facilitate a streamlined proposal process?

Bidmio enables users to add budgets, price agreements, and calculations easily, along with tracking the status of sent proposals. It also allows for an easy conversion from proposal to case, providing an overview of ongoing, completed, and lost proposals.

What benefits does Bidmio offer to sales professionals?

Benefits include faster and better completion rates, reduced errors in calculations and data entry, higher productivity, increased sales, and a 70% time saving in offer creation.

How does Bidmio's product module support sales efforts?

Bidmio’s product module helps in avoiding inappropriate offers among numerous items and identifying up-selling and cross-selling opportunities for maximized profits.

What makes Bidmio different from other cloud-based offer software?

Bidmio stands out with its interactive cost and pricing tools, automated offer visualization, and a centralized database for all customer and sales-specific data, enhancing the efficiency and professionalism of proposals.

How does Bidmio simplify the progression after a deal is struck?

Once a deal is confirmed, Bidmio allows users to easily transform proposals into order confirmations and invoices, streamlining the sales process from beginning to end.

With the Bidmio App you have the opportunity to earn more for the same piece of work.

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