Tools management

Bidmio App transforms the management of tools, machinery, vehicle fleets, and other assets in construction firms. With significant financial investments in these assets, their efficient tracking and management are crucial. Bidmio App addresses the common problem of losing track of these assets as they move through various hands on the job site and between employees.

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Tools management

Transform Your Asset Management Today:

Start monitoring the movement of tools across projects with Bidmio App. The moment you record all equipment in the online system and tag them, you gain an unprecedented level of control and insight. Employees can check out tools via the mobile app, assigning responsibility and creating a transparent chain of custody.

Bidmio App is more than just an asset tracker; it’s a comprehensive system enabling complete management and control from one central location. Companies that have adopted our system report immediate improvements in asset management, virtually eliminating issues with record-keeping, transferring, and loss of tools.

3 reasons to use Bidmio for Tools Management


Streamlined Asset Management:

Bidmio App allows for real-time tracking of tools and equipment, preventing loss and misuse. Say goodbye to the chaos of untracked assets. Gain immediate insight into the availability and condition of your equipment. With Bidmio App, you can quickly check if anything is missing or damaged, a common challenge once assets leave the storage.


Comprehensive Online Records:

Record every piece of equipment you own. This proactive approach helps avoid problems often detected too late. Transparent and Trackable Movements. Easily track the movement of assets across different projects. The system offers transparency and easy tracking, assigning responsibility to specific individuals.


Efficient Coordination:

Locate and allocate machinery swiftly for different projects. Bidmio App shows current locations and allows immediate contact for quick reassignment. Inventory Management. Alongside an electronic tools tracking manager and online attendance, Bidmio App’s asset tracking is a critical function for a modern construction management system. Embrace technology that brings order and saves both time and financial resources.

Asset Management for Contractors

In the world of contracting, tools and equipment are not just assets; they’re the lifeblood of every project. However, a significant challenge contractors face is the loss or theft of these valuable items. With 83% of stolen property, especially non-motorized assets, never recovered, it’s a persistent issue in the industry. This is where Bidmio App comes in, offering a groundbreaking solution to not only document your company’s assets efficiently but also to aid in their recovery through a unique crowd-sourced approach.

Key Features of Bidmio tool management modul:

    • Easy Documentation: Bidmio App simplifies the process of recording and managing your tools and equipment. With an intuitive interface, documenting every purchase and asset becomes a hassle-free task.

    • Time Tracking: Keep an eye on your tools and equipment with time tracking. Know where your assets are at all times, reducing the risk of loss or theft.

    • Comprehensive Asset Database: Maintain a detailed database of all your company’s assets. This includes purchase dates, serial numbers, and photographs, ensuring every tool and piece of equipment is accounted for.

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