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In the fast-paced world of business, managing your customer relationships is key to success. That's why we've designed the Customer Administration Module in Bidmio, a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of customer management.

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Customers overview

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Join us in revolutionizing your customer relations with Bidmio’s Customer Administration Module. Start your journey towards a more organized, efficient, and customer-centric business today!

3 reasons to use Bidmio for Customer management


Comprehensive Customer Profiles:

  • Create detailed profiles for each customer, including contact information, purchase history, preferences, and unique notes.
  • Quickly access any customer’s profile to provide personalized service and support.


Order and Transaction Management:

  • Easily track and manage all customer orders and transactions in one place.
  • Process orders, issue invoices, and handle payments smoothly and efficiently.


Customizable Interaction Histories:

  • Keep track of all interactions with each customer, including calls, emails, and meetings.
  • Customize logs to fit the specific needs of your business.

Benefits – Put the Power in Your Customers’ Hands!

Discover the extensive capabilities of our customer portal module and see how it can revolutionize your craftsmanship business. Experience efficiency, engagement, and empowerment like never before.

    • Enhanced Customer Relationships: Build stronger, more personalized relationships with your customers.

    • Increased Efficiency: Save time and resources with streamlined customer management processes.
    • Data-Driven Decisions: Make informed decisions based on comprehensive customer analytics.
    • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Provide superior service and support, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
    • Secure and Confidential: Your and your customers’ data privacy is paramount. Our portal ensures complete control over data privacy.
    • Robust Security Features: Secure uploading and accessing of confidential documents.
    • Custom Access Controls: Define who sees and edits data and documents, enhancing security and trust.
    • Customized to Your Brand: The portal is branded with your logo and corporate colors, ensuring a seamless transition from your website to the portal.
    • Familiar and Trustworthy: A design that resonates with your brand builds trust and strengthens customer relationships.
    • Targeted Customer Approach: With a unique domain, make your customer portal a reflection of your craftsmanship ethos.

Where Crafting Meets Customer Empowerment

Crafting excellence for your clients while managing customer interactions can be a breeze. Introducing Bidmiol, a specially designed platform that brings a new dimension to customer service, human resources, event management, and more, tailored for craftsmen businesses.

Key Features

1. Interactive Customer Engagement

  • Create a dynamic platform where your customers can actively engage with your services.
  • Design your customer service to be interactive and responsive, enhancing your business operations.

2. Efficient Self-Service Tools

  • Whether managing customer orders, tracking workshop participants, or handling applicant inquiries, our portal simplifies communication.
  • Collect essential information effortlessly and stay updated with customer needs.

3. Customizable Customer Fields

  • You control the information flow. Choose the fields customers need to fill, share vital documents, and provide crucial data at a click.
  • Everything from service quotes and event bookings to invoices and support tickets is streamlined.

4. Elevate Customer Experience

  • Keep your customers informed with updates on new projects, special offers, and exceptional after-sales service.
  • Foster ongoing dialogue, understand customer needs better, and showcase new products and services attractively.

5. Digital Customer Loyalty Reinvented

  • Customers can manage their data, view purchased services, seek support, or update their profiles centrally.
  • Save time, reduce overhead costs, and craft targeted offers more effectively.

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