Dodávateľské faktúry & schvaľovanie

Užite si efektívnejšiu každodennú prácu so správou elektronických dokumentov. Tento prístup nielen šetrí čas tým, že eliminuje potrebu hľadania informácií, ale poskytuje aj komplexný pohľad na všetky dokumenty súvisiace s prípadom, ktoré sú dostupné z akéhokoľvek miesta a na akomkoľvek zariadení.

Tento systém zvyšuje efektivitu a organizáciu a zabezpečuje, že všetky relevantné dokumenty sú ľahko dostupné a ľahko spravovateľné.

Dodávateľské faktúry a schvaľovanie

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Dodávateľské faktúry & schvaľovanie

Digital Quality Assurance for Construction and Craftsmanship Businesses

Is your craftsmanship business effectively managing its quality assurance? Are you spending excessive resources on maintaining quality control? Or do you need a more consistent execution of work?

With Bidmio quality assurance system, it’s easy for your craftsmanship business to comply with legal requirements related to your work. The ‘Quality Assurance’ feature also makes it quick and simple for you to access quality assurance documents, such as during an audit. This system streamlines the process of maintaining and demonstrating high-quality standards in your projects, ensuring compliance and uniformity in work execution.

3 reasons to use Bidmio for Documentation and Digital Quality Assurance


Unmatched Documentation – The Easiest Solution on the Market:

Capture images directly from your mobile device of correctly executed work or any faults/damages for documentation. Since all documentation is stored with the case, you can easily attach it when sending the invoice to the customer. This leads to a time-efficient order management process.


Store Documentation Directly on the Task or Case

All documentation can be saved either on the task or the case. For example, if you have a manual for a product, it can be attached to the case, allowing all tasks linked to that case to access the manual. Or, if you need a picture for documentation while in the field, you can save that image directly to the task.


Go Digital and Eliminate Paperwork

Why not go digital? Say goodbye to paper job sheets, time sheets, and other side documentation. Everything is consolidated in MobilOrdre. Digitize your work today and choose the easiest digital solution for order management for the future.

Photo documentation – Save images and files directly on an order so you can easily find documentation.

Tired of Not Being Able to Find Information on the Construction Site?

Do you want to easily access important information such as drawings, photos, attachments, emails, and other documents related to the case while on the construction site or where you’re handling a service task? With electronic document management, you can quickly find all relevant documents directly associated with the case, even while on-site.

You can also upload new documents, such as videos and photos, directly from the construction site. This feature enhances efficiency and ensures that all team members have immediate access to the latest updates and necessary information, regardless of their location.

    • Create and customize your own schemes
    • Everything takes place digitally via the app
    • Documentation is automatically saved on the case
    • All case documentation is together

Document Management That Saves You Time

Managing and locating documents for each individual case is often a time-consuming manual process. With electronic document management, you can easily and quickly find relevant information.Keep all documents organized with a simple folder structure.

On average, our customers save 10-15 minutes per case by reducing the time spent searching for documents. This efficiency not only streamlines administrative tasks but also allows more time to be focused on core business activities, enhancing overall productivity.

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